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The Everlasting Bijou Hills (South Dakota Magazine)


Welcome to a Hidden Jewel (South Dakota Magazine)


National Geographic wildlife photo journalist, Joe Riis shares his story of persistence, risk, and the Bijou Hills of central South Dakota.


The History of Bijou Hills - by Jr Surat

Briefs in History from 1907 - 1937



Surat Lineage - compiled by Carol (Surat) Smith

Carol (Surat) Smith researched the Surat lineage for several years. Here are her complete notes, interviews and images that pieced together the Surat family history. She completed this project in 1984, before the conveniences of the digital world, and all of her work was done manually.

Pictured: Front: Alvin and Ruth Surat

Back: Carol (Surat) Smith, Wayne Surat, Carmen (Surat) Arrowood and Karen (Surat) Taylor


Bijou Hills Church

A Tribute to Ruth Surat - by Lynn Tjeerdsma

Lynn Tjeerdsma, a fellow Bijou Hills resident and friend, wrote this article about Ruth Surat when she turned 97 years old in 2012. The Tjeersdsma family owned a dairy farm about a mile south of Bijou Hills. 

Lynn is currently refurbishing the place.

Bijou Hills News, January 29, 1924


The Tornado of 1899

Bijou Hills, South Dakota

26678 352nd Ave., Pukwana SD 57370

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